Sven-Göran Eriksson rejects 1860 Munich.

The chaos in 1860 continues with the announcement on Friday by 1860 that Sven-Göran Eriksson, has decided to cancel the deal that would have brought him to Munich.

I am not surprised that Sven-Göran Eriksson decided to reject 1860 because his role in the club was not clearly defined.

1860 Munich was recently at logger heads with the sponsor,Hasan Ismaik, over the management of the club.

Eriksson said “since the first contact with the club in November, there has been lots of time spent. We all know how time flies in professional football business. Therefore, i wish all the participants to respect my decision.”

How will the investor or sponsor Hasan Ismaik react to the latest chaos ? Hasan Ismaik wanted Eriksson by all means.

If 1860 want to come back to the Bundesliga, clearly there must be a road map constructed between the investor and 1860 management for the way forward.

What is your prediction for the world cup ?

Who can look in to the crystal ball and accurately predict the outcome of the world cup in South Africa ? Many bookmakers predict the usual heavy weights in international soccer like Germany, Brazil, Italy or Argentina to win the cup.

Wall street firms like JP Morgan,Goldman Sachs, and UBS, perhaps not to be left out in the prediction game, have also published potential winners too. Time, writer, Tony Karon, wrote;

“For institutions focused on predicting global trends, the bankers’ prognostications are unusually backward-looking — and, unfortunately, rather Eurocentric.”

Is there a possibility for an African team to be in  the final ?

The tournament in South Africa will not be easy for African teams. Although it is taking place on African soil, the African teams are not organized. The impact of the hurriedly appointed managers like Lars Lagerbäck for Nigeria or Sven-Göran Eriksson for Ivory Coast could be marginal.

Baring any surprises, Brazil look poised to win the cup for the 6th time. I hope other teams in the tournament prove me wrong.