Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee survives an injury scare

Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee

Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee continues to confront a constant in his young career- injuries. The latest injury was the week 12 Bundesliga match between Borussia Mönchengladbach against Hannover. Continue Reading “Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee survives an injury scare”

Jordan Torunarigha declines to play for Nigeria Super Eagles in Russia

Jordan Torunarigha

Jordan Torunarigha is a highly talented German-Nigerian with a stark left foot. He has graduated through the ranks from Hertha’s youth team and he is revered for his astuteness in defence.

It is the reason why Nigeria’s Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, and the Nigeria football federation(NFF) have been trying to convince him to play for Nigeria.

Nigeria’s pitch was that he could play an important role for the Super Eagles in Russia if he rejects Germany for Nigeria. Continue Reading “Jordan Torunarigha declines to play for Nigeria Super Eagles in Russia”

Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee is recovering from injury


Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee celebrated his comeback from injury recently. And he played some minutes in the first half of this season for Hannover.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, he picked up a knee injury not so long ago. Continue Reading “Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee is recovering from injury”

Noah Sarenren Bazee is back!



Not much has been heard from Noah Sarenren Bazee since his contract extension because of injuries. In the past 6 months, he has paid more visits to doctors than tapping the round leather. Continue Reading “Noah Sarenren Bazee is back!”

What is your prediction for the world cup ?

Who can look in to the crystal ball and accurately predict the outcome of the world cup in South Africa ? Many bookmakers predict the usual heavy weights in international soccer like Germany, Brazil, Italy or Argentina to win the cup.

Wall street firms like JP Morgan,Goldman Sachs, and UBS, perhaps not to be left out in the prediction game, have also published potential winners too. Time, writer, Tony Karon, wrote;

“For institutions focused on predicting global trends, the bankers’ prognostications are unusually backward-looking — and, unfortunately, rather Eurocentric.”

Is there a possibility for an African team to be in  the final ?

The tournament in South Africa will not be easy for African teams. Although it is taking place on African soil, the African teams are not organized. The impact of the hurriedly appointed managers like Lars Lagerbäck for Nigeria or Sven-Göran Eriksson for Ivory Coast could be marginal.

Baring any surprises, Brazil look poised to win the cup for the 6th time. I hope other teams in the tournament prove me wrong.