Matthias Sammer replaces Christian Nerlinger as Sports director in FC Bayern.

FC Bayern announced in a surprise move, the appointment of Matthias Sammer as the new sports director of the club. He replaces Christian Nerlinger, who was in the position since 2009.

Christian Nerlinger, was not able to fill the position left by Uli Hoeness as sports director with distinction. Apparently, the shoe was too big for him. He was not able to shake off the influence of Uli Hoeness.

Take the signing of players to Bayern Munich for example. Usami, Petersen and Rafinha did not improve the fortunes of the team.

He was also an acolyte of Louis Van Gaal, although the other members of management were already interested to sack Van Gaal during his reign.

In a press statement by FC Bayern, “the analysis of the last season clearly showed differences in concept between the management and Christian Nerlinger. Therefore both agreed to terminate the working relationship to begin the new season.”

Matthias Sammer will perform his new role as “head of licensed players activities.” Sammer has been the sports director of German football association,former coach of Borussia Dortmund and VFB Stuttgart.

FC Bayern rebound to limelight as they head for champions league final.

When FC Bayern, the newly crowned bundesliga champions and FA cup winners lock horns with Inter Milan in the champions league final this weekend, it will mark the return of the German club in the finals since 2001.

Bayern is on a mission to be the first German team to win three titles in a season.

It was not so long ago that Bayern had to play catch-up not only in the bundesliga, but in Europe as a whole. Juergen Klinsmann, was sacked before the end of last season after a disastrous reign as manager. Jupp Heynckes, was hurriedly appointed to guide the team on an ad hoc basis.

Pundits began to wonder about the relevance of FC Bayern in the scheme of things. Even Felix Magath, believed that the dominance of FC Bayern is gone. He posited that since there was no continuity in the team, it will take the new manager time to establish his football philosophy.

Louis Van Gaal, had some teething problems when he came to Bayern this season. Bayern management gave him time to get his acts together. Louis Van Gaal, was able to establish his football philosophy of attractive football.

The players believed in him, and vice versa. Louis Van Gaal, became the first Holland manager to win the bundesliga.

Louis Van Gaal might crown a wonderful season as the manager of Bayern, if Bayern bring the champions league trophy to Saebener street in Munich. It will be a good reason to celebrate again because according to him, “i am a party animal.”

Uli Hoeness, can not wait to tell anybody who care to listen that FC Bayern is back!

David Alaba’s poor judgement rob Bayern of victory.

In football a single game can make or break a star. David Alaba, the “wunderkind” of FC Bayern, did not live up to the hype about his talent in the game against Eintracht Frankfurt. Bayern despite leading in the early minutes of the game through Miroslav Klose, let victory slip away from their hands because of David Alaba.

Alaba let Eintracht Frankfurt score two decisive goals in the dying minutes of the game. The disaster for Alaba began in the 87 minutes when he gave a faulty back pass to FC Bayern keeper, Hans-Jörg Butt. Juvhel Tsoumou of Frankfurt quickly exploited the situation to score the equaliser. Two minutes later, Martin fenin, outclassed Alaba in the 18 yard box through body movement to score the decider.

FC Bayern players in show of solidarity with Alaba have not publicly criticized his woeful performance. Even Sport director, Christian Nerlinger, said “the chap is only 17!” However, Udo Lattek, Bundesliga veteran manager and analyst in his column believes that Alaba is too inexperienced. Louis van Gaal , manager of FC Bayern admitted, “i think in the game against Frankfurt, i made the substitution too late.”

Some analyst believe that Alaba’s best position is in the midfield. Diego Contento, who normally plays left full back was reserved. Edson Braafheid another left back alternative is on loan to Celtic Glasgow. Bayern have problems in defense.

It is too early to ascertain if Alaba’s inexperience was the sole reason for his lapses against Frankfurt. In the mean time, he has a lot of work to do in preparing both physically and mentally for the next game.

Wrong call in Hoffenheim renew debate for modernization of football

The highlight of the Bundesliga match between TSG Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich in Hoffenheim was the scene that occurred in the 10th minute. Josip Simunic’s potent header had crossed the line but FIFA referee, Babak Rafati and his assistants allowed the game to continue.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw with goals from Ivica Olic and Chinedu Obasi. But the reverberation from the referee’s wrong call still lingers on.

The coaches of both teams, Louis van Gaal of Bayern Munich and Ralf Rangnick of Hoffenheim are of the opinion that modern technology should assist referees in their job. Even Babak Rafati, agree that it would be a welcomed relief.

In other sport like Ice Hockey, Tennis or American football, video is part of the integral officiating process. However, in football, there are mixed views for technology like goal camera, football chip or none at all.

The last time video evidence was used in the just concluded CONFED cup in South Africa raised eyebrow. The match between Brazil and Egypt in the CONFED cup could have ended differently if the ‘human factor’ as propagated by UEFA president, Michelle Platini, was used instead of video.

The match in Bloemfontein was 3-3 for both sides. During extra time, the referee, Howard Webb, awarded a conner kick for Brazil but changed his decision. Suddenly, he gave Egyptian, Ahmed Al Muhammadi, a red card and a penalty for Brazil. Kaka converted the penalty and Brazil won the match.

It is alleged that the fourth official saw through video that Ahmed Al Muhammadi obstruct a goal bound header with his arm in the cross line. Ahmed Al Muhammadi acted like the ball hit his face to confuse Howard Webb. Egypt filed a protest after the match but justice was served.

Officially, FIFA does not support video or the much acclaimed chip in football. UEFA, on the other hand is going an extra mile, in an experiment to increase the number of officials to six. In other words, two extra officials at the goal posts. While some argue, that we should leave football the way it is because the game is all about emotion.

The pros and cons of modernizing football is a reminder of how technology is at loggerheads with a conservative sport like football. There should be a global consensus through FIFA to effect change that could lead to fair officiating.