The new FC Bayern without Arjen Robben ?

Arjen Robben did not see action in Bayern Munich’s last game against VFB Stuttgart in the FA cup. Interestingly, Bayern played very well with Thomas Müller’s two assists that led to the goals by Frank Ribbery and Mario Gomez. Lots of people were surprised to see Robben on the bench.

It is rare and unimaginable that a fit Robben has to sit on the bench for 90 minutes. To add salt to injury, Coach Jupp Hencykes annouced today that Robben will sit on the bench against Kaiserslautern tomorrow. Is it a sign of a rethink by the coach about the effectiveness of Robben ? Hencykes based his decision on gut feelings,and it worked! Bayern were lethal and they played convincingly as champions against Stuttgart.

Robben has not spoken out against his exclusion. But for how long will he keep his silence ? It is an open secret that Robben likes to be in action all the time.

Roy Makaay, a former Bayern Munich player in an article urged Robben to stay cool and keep his head up.

Before his new status as a bench warmer, there were speculation that his contract with Munich would be extended before it expires. It was rumored that the extension was a mere formality. Let us wait and watch while the drama unfolds in Munich.

FC Bayern rebound to limelight as they head for champions league final.

When FC Bayern, the newly crowned bundesliga champions and FA cup winners lock horns with Inter Milan in the champions league final this weekend, it will mark the return of the German club in the finals since 2001.

Bayern is on a mission to be the first German team to win three titles in a season.

It was not so long ago that Bayern had to play catch-up not only in the bundesliga, but in Europe as a whole. Juergen Klinsmann, was sacked before the end of last season after a disastrous reign as manager. Jupp Heynckes, was hurriedly appointed to guide the team on an ad hoc basis.

Pundits began to wonder about the relevance of FC Bayern in the scheme of things. Even Felix Magath, believed that the dominance of FC Bayern is gone. He posited that since there was no continuity in the team, it will take the new manager time to establish his football philosophy.

Louis Van Gaal, had some teething problems when he came to Bayern this season. Bayern management gave him time to get his acts together. Louis Van Gaal, was able to establish his football philosophy of attractive football.

The players believed in him, and vice versa. Louis Van Gaal, became the first Holland manager to win the bundesliga.

Louis Van Gaal might crown a wonderful season as the manager of Bayern, if Bayern bring the champions league trophy to Saebener street in Munich. It will be a good reason to celebrate again because according to him, “i am a party animal.”

Uli Hoeness, can not wait to tell anybody who care to listen that FC Bayern is back!