Serge Gnabry does not want to return to Bayern Munich.

Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnabry is back in the spotlight after his superlative performance in Hoffenheim’s defeat of RB Leipzig last week(4-0). He scored two goals, and one of the goals was from 44 meters.

Gnabry has everything to be thankful for. After recovering from numerous injuries that were on the verge of blighting his career, he has found playing for Hoffenheim a relief.

However, the 22-year-old German-Ivorian is on loan to Hoffenheim from Bayern Munich until the end of 2017/2018 season. And according to an article in Sport 1, Gnabry does not relish going back to Bayern Munich at the end of the season.
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Sarenren Bazee extends his contract with Hannover


Nigeria’s Noah Sarenren Bazee has extended his contract with his current club, Hannover 96, for 3 years until 2021, despite interests from clubs as diverse as Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen,Borussia Mönchengladbach or Schalke.

Bazee, who is currently sidelined with a knee injury decided to stay with the club because of the prospects of further development in the game. He said, “In Hannover, everything is working out for me. It is a top club in Germany. After the relegation to the second division, the club placed their trust in me and i like to pay back.”

For Hannover, the extension is seen as outcome of successful negotiations of Horst Heldt, the Sport director and Bazee’s agent Florian Goll. Horst Heldt, remarked , “we are happy that we can work together. In the past 12 months, Noah has indicated his big potential.He is hopefully at the beginning of a glorious career and he has not reached his peak.”

Bazee has played 18 times for Hannover, scored a goal and 8 assists.

He was recently invited by Nigeria’s coach Gernot Rohr, of the Super Eagles to play for Nigeria.

Can the Bundesliga compete against the English premier league ?

The summer transfer season closed yesterday, and money exchanged hands between clubs and agents. Based on the trends so far, the English premier league seem to dominate the transfers with lots of money to buy players. The value of players have risen so fast that many clubs in the Bundesliga are still playing catch up.

The newly found purchasing power of the premier league is based on the TV marketing deal worth over 10 Billion Euros from 2016 for three years.It is three times the amount of the Bundesliga. Stoke city will earn more in TV rights than FC Bayern Munich.

The notable transfers was the move from Wolfsburg to Manchester city by Kevin De Bruyne for 75 million euros, Abdul Rahman Baba from FC Augsburg to Chelsea for 25 million euros, or Heung Min Son from Bayer Leverkusen to Tottenham for 30 million euros.

Interestingly, Kevin De Bruyne’s move from Wolfsburg, is the highest transfer fee in the history of the Bundesliga. The former record was held by Firminho who moved from Hoffenheim to Liverpool some time ago.

Given the huge money at stake, can the Bundesliga compete against the English premier league ? Is the premier league,the new Mecca for football players ?

To answer the pertinent questions, one should look at the structure of the Bundesliga model compared to the EPL.In the Bundesliga, there are no money bags or Sheiks buying clubs because of the 50+1 rule,which makes it almost impossible for an outsider to have majority stakes in a club.

Along the line, there have been exception in the 50+1 rule on three occasions in the Bundesliga.They are Bayer Leverkusen is owned by Bayer, Volkswagen owns Wolfsburg, and Dietmar Hopp owns Hoffenheim.

Despite the dominance of Sky in Germany as a pay TV station, the number of subscribers is minute in comparison to the UK.Football in Germany, is still a volkssport that has not lost it’s roots.

Felix Magath thinks the 50+1 rule is outdated.He claims the entry of investors will not ruin the Bundesliga.He wrote in his column for Kölner express and Hamburger Morgenpost:”even when the truth hurts, our elite league can not keep up with England.”

The big clubs in the Bundesliga watch as their talents are scuttled away to the EPL.To stem the tide, there is already a quarrel between the Deutsche Fussball liga (DFL) and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge over the TV marketing in the Bundesliga.Rummenigge suggested marketing the TV rights individually as against the present norm of central marketing.He is of the opinion that FC Bayern will get more money.However, DFL boss,Klaus Filbry is against it.

If the Bundesliga clubs can intensify their scouting abilities and sell to EPL clubs for a high amount later, it is a win-win situation for everybody.

Thiago extends his contract until 2019.


FC Bayern have extended the initial contract of Thiago from 2017 until 2019.The President of Bayern Munich,Karl-Heinz Rummenigge,said on the club’s website,”we are happy that Thiago, has decided to stay in Bayern for a long time. He is young, and an important player for the future of the club.”

The midfield player, who came to Bayern in 2013 for €25 Million is the wish player from Coach, Pep Guardiola.Guardiola was quoted as saying at the time that, “either Thiago or nothing.” Thiago has a perfect relationship with Guardiola. There are already speculations that his contract extension might influence Guardiola to stay in Munich.Because, Pere Guardiola, is the agent of Thiago and a brother to Pep Guardiola. Currently,Guardiola has not made up his mind to extend his contract.

Thiago has played a total of 25 games for Bayern Munich. Due to a recurring knee injury,he did not play football for over a year.Presently he is injury free.

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Felix Magath comes up with a novel idea.

Felix Magath

Felix Magath is not new to controversial ideas about revamping the Bundesliga. This time, in an interview with Hamburger morgenpost,he spoke about the dominance of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

He said,”the clubs that are always in the Champions league have huge advantages. Actually, they need to be removed from national competitions. A European league would be ideal.” He thinks the earnings from the European top competition creates an unfair competitive advantage for the big clubs. Thereby creating a scenario that is prevalent in Spain, Italy, and England.

Magath does not see an end to the dominance of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga as number one. He is of the opinion that the second and third spots belong to Dortmund and Leverkusen respectively.The fourth position could go to any club in the Bundesliga.

What do you guys think about his novel idea of excluding the top teams from competing in national competitions ? Will it make the league more egalitarian ? I do not think so.

Image courtesy of the Guardian.

Matthias Sammer replaces Christian Nerlinger as Sports director in FC Bayern.

FC Bayern announced in a surprise move, the appointment of Matthias Sammer as the new sports director of the club. He replaces Christian Nerlinger, who was in the position since 2009.

Christian Nerlinger, was not able to fill the position left by Uli Hoeness as sports director with distinction. Apparently, the shoe was too big for him. He was not able to shake off the influence of Uli Hoeness.

Take the signing of players to Bayern Munich for example. Usami, Petersen and Rafinha did not improve the fortunes of the team.

He was also an acolyte of Louis Van Gaal, although the other members of management were already interested to sack Van Gaal during his reign.

In a press statement by FC Bayern, “the analysis of the last season clearly showed differences in concept between the management and Christian Nerlinger. Therefore both agreed to terminate the working relationship to begin the new season.”

Matthias Sammer will perform his new role as “head of licensed players activities.” Sammer has been the sports director of German football association,former coach of Borussia Dortmund and VFB Stuttgart.

The new FC Bayern without Arjen Robben ?

Arjen Robben did not see action in Bayern Munich’s last game against VFB Stuttgart in the FA cup. Interestingly, Bayern played very well with Thomas Müller’s two assists that led to the goals by Frank Ribbery and Mario Gomez. Lots of people were surprised to see Robben on the bench.

It is rare and unimaginable that a fit Robben has to sit on the bench for 90 minutes. To add salt to injury, Coach Jupp Hencykes annouced today that Robben will sit on the bench against Kaiserslautern tomorrow. Is it a sign of a rethink by the coach about the effectiveness of Robben ? Hencykes based his decision on gut feelings,and it worked! Bayern were lethal and they played convincingly as champions against Stuttgart.

Robben has not spoken out against his exclusion. But for how long will he keep his silence ? It is an open secret that Robben likes to be in action all the time.

Roy Makaay, a former Bayern Munich player in an article urged Robben to stay cool and keep his head up.

Before his new status as a bench warmer, there were speculation that his contract with Munich would be extended before it expires. It was rumored that the extension was a mere formality. Let us wait and watch while the drama unfolds in Munich.

Thomas Kraft leaves Bayern Munich as Joerg Butt extends contract.

The goalkeeping position in Bayern Munich since Oliver Kahn’s exit has been permanetly rotated. The instability has affected the fortunes of the club like in other positions on the field.

Thomas Kraft who was designated as the number one keeper under the ex coach Louis Van Gaal,after the winter break, is scheduled to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season. His contract will not be renewed because of discrepancies between Kraft and Bayern Munich. He wants to be the number one keeper but Bayern can not give him the guarantee. Kraft is already negotiating with Hertha BSC.

Joerg Butt, the new old keeper of Munich has extended his contract for another year till 2012. Butt is ready to play the nominal role as second choice, if negotiations with Manuel Neuer of Schalke comes to fruition.

The sport director of Bayern Munich, Christian Nerlinger, once said,Bayern Munich is not a training ground for young talents. It is no surprise that Kraft and former keeper, Micheal Rensing, could not stand the pressure in Munich.

Bayern need a stark keeper like Kahn once again. If they can secure the services of Neuer, it will bring back stability.

Javier Pinola suspended for four matches by German FA

The Bavarian derby between FC Nuremberg and FC Bayern Munich on Sunday was overshadowed by the incident between Javier Pinola and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Argentine player, Javier Pinola, nicknamed “Pino” spat at Bastian Schweinsteiger in the first half.

The referee of the match,Thorsten Kinhoefer, did not notice the incident in the 43rd minute. However, video evidence was used by the German FA to suspend Pinola for four matches.

According to FC Nuremberg web site, the club accepts the judgement of the German FA. Also,the sport department of FC Nuremberg expressed their displeasure at Pinola’s ungentlemanly act. Pinola was fined by FC Nuremberg for an undisclosed sum.

Javier Pinola in his reaction said, ” I am sorry for bringing the team and the club in disrepute. I am a role model for kids, therefore, I am donating a part of the fine for social institutions that help children.”

It was reported that Pinola had already called Schweinsteiger of Bayern Munich, and apologized.

In the heat of the moment on the pitch, players do react differently. Spitting on a player is clearly a sign of disrespect and condescending attitude.

It makes me wonder, what was Pinola thinking ?

FC Bayern rebound to limelight as they head for champions league final.

When FC Bayern, the newly crowned bundesliga champions and FA cup winners lock horns with Inter Milan in the champions league final this weekend, it will mark the return of the German club in the finals since 2001.

Bayern is on a mission to be the first German team to win three titles in a season.

It was not so long ago that Bayern had to play catch-up not only in the bundesliga, but in Europe as a whole. Juergen Klinsmann, was sacked before the end of last season after a disastrous reign as manager. Jupp Heynckes, was hurriedly appointed to guide the team on an ad hoc basis.

Pundits began to wonder about the relevance of FC Bayern in the scheme of things. Even Felix Magath, believed that the dominance of FC Bayern is gone. He posited that since there was no continuity in the team, it will take the new manager time to establish his football philosophy.

Louis Van Gaal, had some teething problems when he came to Bayern this season. Bayern management gave him time to get his acts together. Louis Van Gaal, was able to establish his football philosophy of attractive football.

The players believed in him, and vice versa. Louis Van Gaal, became the first Holland manager to win the bundesliga.

Louis Van Gaal might crown a wonderful season as the manager of Bayern, if Bayern bring the champions league trophy to Saebener street in Munich. It will be a good reason to celebrate again because according to him, “i am a party animal.”

Uli Hoeness, can not wait to tell anybody who care to listen that FC Bayern is back!