Anthony Ujah still believes Mainz can avoid relegation.

Anthony Ujah

Mainz is a team with a history of always reinventing themselves every season in the Bundesliga. This season is no exception.

They are struggling to be consistent in every game, and keep the hopes of teeming fans alive as an integral team in the league.

Unfortunately, the league table paints a team on the verge of relegation. Continue Reading “Anthony Ujah still believes Mainz can avoid relegation.”

Tunisia seek Rani Khedira for the world cup in Russia.

rani khedira

Tunisia is one of the five countries from Africa that is representing the continent at the world cup in Russia next year, and they are looking around the globe for their illustrious sons to represent them. At the moment, the searchlight is pointing at Rani Khedira of FC Augsburg. Continue Reading “Tunisia seek Rani Khedira for the world cup in Russia.”

Daniel Opare discovers his form in Augsburg

Daniel Opare
Photo:Ulrich Wagner

I wrote about Daniel Opare during the pre-season. Well, his fortunes have changed for the better in FC Augsburg.

Last Saturday, Opare played his first match in a competitive tournament since May 2016 for Augsburg. And they beat Cologne 3-0.

During the pre-season and at the beginning of the 2017/2018 season Bundesliga, Opare was already written off as a player who failed to integrate in Augsburg. He had problems with his favorite position that was held by the captain of the team, Paul Verhaegh.

His circumstances changed when Paul Verhaegh left Augsburg for Wolfsburg, and in the match against Cologne, Raphael Framberger, could not play because he had a knee problem.Suddenly Opare became the only available choice against Cologne.

Opare grabbed the chance and in the match against Cologne, he was attentive in duels and reduced his mistakes to the minimum. The sports director, Stefan Reuter described his development ” he has worked on himself to reduce his carelessness, and risky action in defense. He left a good impression from the first day of training and he is very positive person.”

After waiting on the sidelines for so long, Opare has finally arrived in Augsburg.

Daniel Opare on a mission to revive his career in Augsburg

Daniel Opare
Foto: Ulrich Wagner

Daniel Opare left Augsburg last season to get some playing time and be with his family in France.

Opare is currently in pre-season training with FC Augsburg in Mals. He is on a mission to revive his career in Augsburg that took off on a rocky start.

He has not been able to secure a shirt in the starting line up. He played only four games before he went to Lens in January.

Opare faced a litany of problems, like the death of his father in Ghana, and staying far away from family. Also, his favourite position is held by the captain, Paul Verhaegh.

He has a contract with FC Augsburg until 2018. However, it is highly possible that Opare would be sold, if he does not impress the coach in Mals.

FC Augsburg currently have 36 players too many.In other words,there are 3 players each for every position. The coach and management would be forced to determine the strength and quality of the team before the Bundesliga season start.

Opare is in high spirits as he told Augsburger Allgemeine, “I am happy to play football in Augsburg again. I will do everything necessary in the pre-season. What will happen next, i really can not say now.”

Daniel Opare leaves FC Augsburg for RC Lens

Daniel Opare
Foto: Ulrich Wagner

Daniel Opare came to Augsburg with high hopes in 2015. He came from Portugal’s first division FC Porto as a free agent. Unfortunately, he was unable to establish a noticeable influence on the team in all his years in Augsburg.

Opare approached the management of FC Augsburg over his wish to be close to his family in France and in the process have some playing time. His wish has been granted. He moves to Lens on loan until the end of the season. The details of the deal was not disclosed.

It remains doubtful, if, Opare will ever make a break through in Augsburg. The defender had problems in Augsburg because his favorite position is taken by the captain of the team, Paul Verhaegh. He was frustrated most times and watched the beautiful game from the sidelines.

Although, there is a new coach in Augsburg, Manuel Baum finds him surplus to requirements like his predecessors.

Daniel Opare on a collision course with Coach Markus Weinzierl of FC Augsburg

daniel opare

Daniel Opare came to FC Augsburg from FC Porto with big dreams this season. He was expected to be a substitute or replacement for captain,Paul Verhaegh at right back.However, the latest development from Augsburg, indicate that Opare and coach Weinzierl are on a collision course.

Opare’s problems started with his muscular injuries that plagued his gradual integration in to the team.At the beginning, Weinzierl said,”his muscular injuries, is a little bit difficult than we first assumed.Therefore, one needs patience.”

Unfortunately for Opare, his rival for his preferred position,Paul Verhaegh, is at his zenith of his career and an important figure in FC Augsburg’s stay in the Bundesliga.Opare watched with every minute as his chances of playing in the team diminished.Fact is, he has not played a single game for FC Augsburg.

Opare’s chance came when Augsburg was to play against Darmstadt some weeks ago.Verhaegh had fever.Opare did not make the final training because he over slept. Augsburg went on to draw 2-2 with Darmstadt.

It did not go down well with Weinzerl, who is fighting a relegation battle in the Bundesliga. Asked by Journalists about the chances of Opare in the team, he simply said, “difficult”.

Bundesligavibes could not reach Opare for comments, but i understand that he is not satisfied with the situation.

Weinzierl has ordered that Opare should no longer train with the team. He has to train individually. The coach is of the opinion that the team need satisfied players who can save the club from relegation, and also full concentration for the games ahead without distraction. It is also an indication from Weinzierl that his patience has run out.

Opare still has a contract until 2018.What happens afterwards is still unknown but as long as Weinzierl is coach of FC Augsburg, Opare no longer has a chance to play his first love-football.

Helpless Zorniger lose against stark Augsburg.

ZornigerPhoto Marijan Murat

It is no longer news that FC Augsburg came to Stuttgart to beat VFB Stuttgart 4-0.Rather the way and manner that Stuttgart lost speak volumes about the tactics of Alexander Zorniger,the coach of Stuttgart.FC Augsburg dominated play from the start of the match to the end.

VFB Stuttgart players did not show will and drive to turn the fortunes around. The defense was lacking in structure,midfield made numerous faulty passes and the attack did not bite yesterday at the Daimler stadium.Florian Klein of Stuttgart said,”i have the feeling for the first time this season that we have failed.”These are no ordinary words to describe the performance of the team.Even Zorniger, in his reaction to the desaster,”we need a few days to work on the loss.”

Fact is, Stuttgart is in the relegation zone and Zorniger has to do maybe the ‘impossible’ task of turning the fortunes around.His job is not in danger but for how long ? The sports director,Robin Dutt,is still in favor of keeping Zorniger and analysing the games they have played so far.

The stats in defense reveal a desolate department conceeding 31 goals in 13 games.It is one of the worst in the Bundesliga this season.

Stuttgart fans reacted in a sarcastic manner in the stadium and at the end of the match, they did not fail to vent their frustration on the players.

Zorniger has a lot of work to do. However, time might be runnig out on him.

FC Augsburg coach Markus Weinzierl gets tough on players.

FC Augsburg coach, Markus Weinzerl, is not amused over indiscipline of some players in the team. The latest casualty of the stern handling of Weinzerl are Knowledge Musona and Dawda Bah.

They were suspended for coming late to training in their current base in Belek, Turkey. Weinzerl told the Augsburger Allgemeine, “it is not acceptable. In the first half of the season the players were fined. Now we want to try other measures.”

Another player who was already suspended was Mohamed Amsif, for coming late to Laktatest.

FC Augsburg has a huge task of fighting against relegation after the winter break and the coach is left with no option but to act tough on his players.

However, is it coincidental that all the players suspended are Africans ?

Crisis in FC Augsburg as Micheal Thurk suspended.

Micheal Thurk, a polarizing figure for newly promoted FC Augsburg has been suspended. FC Augsburg announced monday that the suspension was purely for sport reasons.

Thurk played an integral part towards the promotion of Augsburg to the first division. He is adored by fans but scorned by management.

After a three-man discussion between Thurk, Jos Luhukay,the coach,and managing director,Andreas Rettig,the decision was taken to suspend him with immediate effect.

Jos Luhukay has decided to change his 4-4-2 from last season. In the process, Thurk is surplus to requirements.

Fans of Augsburg are not taking the news lightly. There is already a Facebook campaign to bring him back.

I am shocked that the management of FC Augsburg decided to take this route. There is so much speculation about the real reasons for the suspension. Could it be the criticism from Thurk for not playing the FA Cup ?

Thurk wants to fulfill his contract and vowed to use his chance when it comes.