Serge Gnabry does not want to return to Bayern Munich.

Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnabry is back in the spotlight after his superlative performance in Hoffenheim’s defeat of RB Leipzig last week(4-0). He scored two goals, and one of the goals was from 44 meters.

Gnabry has everything to be thankful for. After recovering from numerous injuries that were on the verge of blighting his career, he has found playing for Hoffenheim a relief.

However, the 22-year-old German-Ivorian is on loan to Hoffenheim from Bayern Munich until the end of 2017/2018 season. And according to an article in Sport 1, Gnabry does not relish going back to Bayern Munich at the end of the season.
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Video assistant referee still a subject of controversy in the Bundesliga.

Video assistants

The video assistant referee(VAR) was introduced to mitigate the human factor in officiating during this Bundesliga season.However, it has been mired in controversy. Continue Reading “Video assistant referee still a subject of controversy in the Bundesliga.”

The new FC Bayern without Arjen Robben ?

Arjen Robben did not see action in Bayern Munich’s last game against VFB Stuttgart in the FA cup. Interestingly, Bayern played very well with Thomas Müller’s two assists that led to the goals by Frank Ribbery and Mario Gomez. Lots of people were surprised to see Robben on the bench.

It is rare and unimaginable that a fit Robben has to sit on the bench for 90 minutes. To add salt to injury, Coach Jupp Hencykes annouced today that Robben will sit on the bench against Kaiserslautern tomorrow. Is it a sign of a rethink by the coach about the effectiveness of Robben ? Hencykes based his decision on gut feelings,and it worked! Bayern were lethal and they played convincingly as champions against Stuttgart.

Robben has not spoken out against his exclusion. But for how long will he keep his silence ? It is an open secret that Robben likes to be in action all the time.

Roy Makaay, a former Bayern Munich player in an article urged Robben to stay cool and keep his head up.

Before his new status as a bench warmer, there were speculation that his contract with Munich would be extended before it expires. It was rumored that the extension was a mere formality. Let us wait and watch while the drama unfolds in Munich.

It is crunch time in Bundesliga.

Who will be the Bundesliga champions this season ? It is a question followers of German football league have been asking. The top contenders for the title are Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich. Both teams are tied with 64 points. Bayern is presently in pole position because of superior goals difference.

Schalke manager, Felix Magath is confident,“Bayern will not win the remaining two matches.” Uli Hoeness,FC Bayern Munich president countered, “ they are trailing behind us and only hope that we stumble.”

As usual the Bundesliga is exciting because anything can happen. It is crunch time.

The remaining two matches for Bayern are against VFL Bochum and Hertha BSC. Bochum and Hertha are battling against relegation. They are not willing to go down without a fight. Time will tell if both matches would be easy as Arjen Robben, opined that Bayern needs to win both matches and they are champions.

Schalke will face Werder Bremen and 1.FSV Mainz 05. Bremen will try to defend their present third place when they play in Gelsenkirchen. Mainz 05, definitely aim to round up a good season under manager,Thomas Tuchel, at home against Schalke.

Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund and VFB Stuttgart have their eyes set for Europe league.

On another note, Hamburg, sacked Bruno Labbadia yesterday. Hamburg lost woefully against Hoffenheim 1-5 last weekend. It was clear after the match that Labbadia had to go. Dieter Matz, a Hamburg expert, believes the players do not have an alibi anymore. Labbadia is gone but the problems remain the same.

Hamburg is a team without consistency in leadership both on and off the field. May be they should take a cue from next door neighbor St.Pauli. Holger Stanislawski, the manager of St. Pauli is a symbol of stability. St.Pauli look poised to play in the Bundesliga next season.

It is a given that Kaiserslautern are back in the Bundesliga. The other teams have to wait for at least one more match to know their fate.