Anthony Ujah leaves Werder Bremen for China.

Anthony Ujah has decided to leave Werder Bremen for Liaoning FC in China. Before the move, there were speculation about his dissatisfaction in Bremen as reported here. In the end, he settled for the wise decision of leaving Bremen to further his career.

The seven times Super Eagles player of Nigeria had an offer from the Chinese club last season, but he refused the offer. Werder Bremen officials confirmed today that the deal is perfect. Although, according to Bremen, they had Ujah in their plans for the coming season, they had to seek an amicable way out to the satisfaction of everybody involved.

The reported transfer fee according to German media was in the neighborhood of 13 million Euro. Ujah came to Werder Bremen from Cologne for 4,5 million Euro.

Ujah joins a fellow African and former Werder Bremen team mate,Assani Lukimya, who left last season.

The deal is a win-win situation for Ujah and Werder Bremen. I hope with more money and playing time, Ujah can find his way in to the Super Eagles again.

Negotiations for Salif Sané’s move to Cologne reach an impasse.

Salif Sane
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Hannover96 is gradually re-building the core players to play in the second division. Already, some players have exited the relegated side from the Bundesliga. However the fate of the defensive midfielder, Salif Sané is uncertain, after talks reached an impasse over his move from Hannover to Cologne.

At the core of the negotiations is the asking price for Sané. Based on the latest statements from Christian Möckel,right-hand man of manager,Martin Bader, in Express, “president Martin Kind has said yes, to the fact that Sané stays.Except, somebody offers 10 million Euros.If not, he stays. That is it.”

Cologne have already agreed terms with Sané for 3,5 million Euros, but Hannover wants more.Will Cologne back out ? According to Jörg Schmadtke, Cologne’s manager,”we have not taken the topic out of the table. There comes a time, when we need to look at it closely.”

Cologne are looking for alternatives to Sané at the moment with some days remaining to the start of the training season. While Hannover is hoping that Sané stays and bring them back to the Bundesliga.

Should Ujah stay or leave Werder Bremen ?

Anthony Ujah

Anthony Ujah’s assist in the last game of the Bundesliga season against Frankfurt, saved Bremen from relegation. Unfortunately, there are numerous speculation in German press about what happens next to his career at Bremen. Will he stay or go ?

Ujah has had a difficult time this season as he became a joker during the second half. The coach of Bremen, Victor Skripnik, adopted a 4-1-4-1 system that favored Claudio Pizarro. Pizarro is important for Bremen. He did score some important goals. In fact, the Werder Bremen management have extended his contract for one more year.

The question that has not been answered is: what happens to Ujah ? Will he be content to stay on the bench this coming season ? Ujah said in an interview with Kreiszeitung “i want to stay” He also said that he is willing to learn from Pizarro. Adding that although, there was a mega deal from China during the winter break, he wants to stay in Bremen.

However, things have changed in Bremen. Thomas Eichin is no longer the sports director and there is a report of a new beginning with the possibility of players for sale. This headline, “will there be a big change in the team ?” has been in the news during this transfer season.

Apparently, Ujah is not satisfied.SportBILD wrote that Ujah might be sold to China or England. Klaus Filbry, head of Business for Werder Bremen stated that there were no plans to sell all the players.

Ujah scored 11 goals this season. If he stays in Bremen, he has to contend with living in the shadow of Pizarro for another season. Is it in the best interest for Ujah? I doubt it. He has to go to a club, where his services are needed and appreciated. He needs regular playing time, to be considered for the Nigeria Super Eagles. Therefore, i would suggest for him to leave.

Papy Djilobodji banned for two games and fined after slit-throat gesture.

Papy Djilobodji who is on loan to Werder Bremen is an emotional player, who gives his all on the pitch. Unfortunately, he seem to have lost control of his emotions last Saturday in the Bundesliga match between Werder and Mainz. The scene in question, was his clash on the field with Pablo De Blasis, in a duell.Afterwards, he ran a finger through his throat to indicate a slit-throat gesture. All captured by the cameras on the pitch. The referee did not see it.

Initially, the DFB panel investigated the case and gave Djilobodji a three match ban. However Werder Bremen appealed and a solitary DFB judge reduced the punishment to two games ban and a fine of €15.000.

I followed the comments of Werder Bremen’s coach,Viktor Skripnik, who said that Africans are emotional people with temperament in his bid to defend Djilobodji.Equally strange was the statement by Bremen’s executive director,Thomas Eichin, who said,it is a custom in Africa. I believe, it has nothing to do with Africa. It is just a lame excuse to defend the indefensible. Cultural relativism does not apply here.

Incidentally, Djilobodji, is not the first person to do the slit throat gesture.Deniz Naki, a German, who was playing for St.Pauli in 2009 did something similar. Naki, did the slit throat gesture against Hansa Rostock fans and he was sentenced to three match ban by the DFB panel for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The punishment of the Senegalese player comes at an important time that Werder is fighting against relegation. Djilobodji will miss three games.Because he has already accumulated 5 yellow cards in previous matches, which leads to a ban.

Daniel Opare on a collision course with Coach Markus Weinzierl of FC Augsburg

daniel opare

Daniel Opare came to FC Augsburg from FC Porto with big dreams this season. He was expected to be a substitute or replacement for captain,Paul Verhaegh at right back.However, the latest development from Augsburg, indicate that Opare and coach Weinzierl are on a collision course.

Opare’s problems started with his muscular injuries that plagued his gradual integration in to the team.At the beginning, Weinzierl said,”his muscular injuries, is a little bit difficult than we first assumed.Therefore, one needs patience.”

Unfortunately for Opare, his rival for his preferred position,Paul Verhaegh, is at his zenith of his career and an important figure in FC Augsburg’s stay in the Bundesliga.Opare watched with every minute as his chances of playing in the team diminished.Fact is, he has not played a single game for FC Augsburg.

Opare’s chance came when Augsburg was to play against Darmstadt some weeks ago.Verhaegh had fever.Opare did not make the final training because he over slept. Augsburg went on to draw 2-2 with Darmstadt.

It did not go down well with Weinzerl, who is fighting a relegation battle in the Bundesliga. Asked by Journalists about the chances of Opare in the team, he simply said, “difficult”.

Bundesligavibes could not reach Opare for comments, but i understand that he is not satisfied with the situation.

Weinzierl has ordered that Opare should no longer train with the team. He has to train individually. The coach is of the opinion that the team need satisfied players who can save the club from relegation, and also full concentration for the games ahead without distraction. It is also an indication from Weinzierl that his patience has run out.

Opare still has a contract until 2018.What happens afterwards is still unknown but as long as Weinzierl is coach of FC Augsburg, Opare no longer has a chance to play his first love-football.

The transfer saga:How Sekou Sanogo’s deal with Hamburg collapsed!

Sekou Sanogo
The winter transfer season in the Bundesliga came to an end yesterday. However, tongues are wagging in Hamburg and Bern on who is to blame for Sekou Sanogo’s failed move from Young boys Bern to Hamburg.Fact is, the deal failed because an Email from Bern arrived 240 seconds too late to beat the Monday deadline.

Sekou Sanogo, from Ivory Coast,,a midfield player for Young Boys Bern dreamed of playing in the Bundesliga. His dream almost came true yesterday. According to the chronology of events that lead to the collapse, it is very sad how 240 seconds can change the fortunes of a player.

Sanogo arrived Hamburg with his agents on Monday at 14:00 hours.He did the obligatory medical check up and an agreement was reached with Hamburg.Hamburg and Bern agreed on details an hour and half before the 18:00 o’clock deadline.The remaining process was just a formality. Unfortunately, the email with the concluded deal arrived at 18.04 from Bern.

Hamburg Sport director, Peter Knäbel, was quoted in the club’s web site with these comments,”unfortunately, the necessary documents for the deal came too late from Bern.It is very annoying.I am so sorry for the player, who would have loved to play for Hamburg.”

Young Boys, Sport boss,Fredy Bickel, refused to take the blame for the failed deal. According to his version, Knäbel came in contact with him on Sunday.Sanogo was the last minute option for Hamburg.Talks progressed until the next day. Sanogo went for the medical check up.Later, both parties agreed for a loan deal with a buy option for 2,2 Million Swiss Francs.At 17:51,Bern mailed the finished copy of the deal to Hamburg.The rest is history.

This is not the first time that Hamburg have failed to acquire a player at the last minute. Fax machine hinders Eric-Maxime Choupo-Moting transfer was the headline some time ago.

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Kerem Demirbay of Fortuna Düsseldorf suspended for insulting a female referee.

 Bibiana Steinhaus

Kerem Demirbay has been in the news of late. The Fortuna Düsseldorf player is accused of making a sexist remark to the female referee,Bibiana Steinhaus, who handled the match between FSV Frankfurt against Fortuna Düsseldorf on Sunday.Steinhaus issued a yellow-red card to Demirbay in the match.

In his reaction to the referee’s decision,Demirbay told Steinhaus,”women have no place in men’s football.” His verbal remarks was deemed unsportsmanlike by the German FA supervisory committee.He is suspended for five games, with two games from the five on probation for a year.Technically he will miss three matches.

Demirbay used the social network, Facebook, to express his apology to Steinhaus,he said,”I am extremely sorry for what I said to Mrs Steinhaus. I should have never said this sentence, because it is not what I think of women.”

Earlier in the week, Fortuna Düsseldorf’s management, suggested that Demirbay should referee a female match as a measure to sensetize the player to females in the sport. Unfortunately,the FA has issued a sanction that Fortuna Düsseldorf think is harsh.According to a press statement by Sports director,Rachid Azzouzi,the club will make an appeal.

Alexander Zorniger sacked with immediate effect!


The management of VFB Stuttgart have resolved to terminate the contract with chief coach,Alexander Zorniger, with immediate effect.

In a statement issued by Stuttgart’s president,Bernd Wahler, “the way and manner the team lost on Saturday gave us concern.We analyzed the effects on the team and the coaching crew.We came to the decision this morning.”

The coach of the U-23,Jürgen Kramny,takes over as interim coach until further notice.

Helpless Zorniger lose against stark Augsburg.

ZornigerPhoto Marijan Murat

It is no longer news that FC Augsburg came to Stuttgart to beat VFB Stuttgart 4-0.Rather the way and manner that Stuttgart lost speak volumes about the tactics of Alexander Zorniger,the coach of Stuttgart.FC Augsburg dominated play from the start of the match to the end.

VFB Stuttgart players did not show will and drive to turn the fortunes around. The defense was lacking in structure,midfield made numerous faulty passes and the attack did not bite yesterday at the Daimler stadium.Florian Klein of Stuttgart said,”i have the feeling for the first time this season that we have failed.”These are no ordinary words to describe the performance of the team.Even Zorniger, in his reaction to the desaster,”we need a few days to work on the loss.”

Fact is, Stuttgart is in the relegation zone and Zorniger has to do maybe the ‘impossible’ task of turning the fortunes around.His job is not in danger but for how long ? The sports director,Robin Dutt,is still in favor of keeping Zorniger and analysing the games they have played so far.

The stats in defense reveal a desolate department conceeding 31 goals in 13 games.It is one of the worst in the Bundesliga this season.

Stuttgart fans reacted in a sarcastic manner in the stadium and at the end of the match, they did not fail to vent their frustration on the players.

Zorniger has a lot of work to do. However, time might be runnig out on him.

Anthony Ujah and the quest to give his best on the pitch

Anthony Ujah loves the beautiful game and he is no stranger to pressures as a striker to score goals.He has proved during his stint with Cologne that he can rise to the occasion in the Bundesliga.

However, in his new club this season,Werder Bremen,are struggling to avoid the relegation zone.

Therefore, the match yesterday in WWK Arena between FC Augsburg and Werder Bremen, was an important match for both teams.

Prior to the match against Augsburg during the week, Ujah picked an injury in the ribs.He was almost ruled out of playing against Augsburg.

However, he was only able to play the first half against Augsburg.Ujah is a player that loves to give his all on the pitch.

He told bundesligavibes,”the team deserves a player that is 100% fit.I do not want to be on the pitch and give 70%. So, i decided to pull out in the first half.”

Interestingly,his rival,Claudio Pizarro, scored the opener against Augsburg and Bartels also made it two goals for Bremen.The match ended 2-1 in favour of Bremen.

Ujah was happy for Pizarro for scoring his first goal for Bremen on the pitch.It is a reminder that Bremen can go places through team work and football cohesion.

Ujah’s goal for Bremen this season,”individually, i want to improve as a player and also to help the team with my goals,to give 100% offensively, defensively in every situation.”Ujah could be nicknamed ‘Mr 100%’.

He reacted to speculation that himself and Jannik Vestergaard might be offloaded due to €6 million deficit in Bremen after the season,”whatever, decision that the club decide is fine. I am not seeking any move. I signed a four year contract.”

Recently,Ujah, has not received an invitation to play for the Super Eagles. He believes, by working hard on the pitch for Bremen, might warrant a call up from the Nigerian coach, Sunday Oliseh.